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A Management and Marketing Consultancy

We are not your typical service agency or creative shop — we are a strategic management and marketing consultancy founded with a business model to help customers meet their business goals.  Our services cover every area of the business lifecycle; including throughout the dynamic facets of marketing, management, and creative services.  For every customer that we service, we provide a multitude of our core offerings to create impactful success in brand positioning, customer awareness, engagement, sales, revenue and much more.


Our service portfolio has a variety of depth amongst many different industries, including technology, consumer electronics, packaged goods (CPG), financial services, automotive, entertainment, and small businesses.  Our core values and principles are also driven throughout every operational function in business, including best practices in strategy, leadership, management operations and activation.








20 Years Experience

With over 20 years of professional experience, KMG has serviced many customers throughout a variety of different industries and verticals. Our clients trust our leadership and expertise to solve many of their business objectives and goals.

Business Excellence

For every customer that we service, we strive to achieve business excellence in all of our relationships, our responsibilities, and in our values. Our success is measured by the data, our team and in their dedication to every project.

Versatile Management

Versatility is what makes us a unique group. Our teams are qualified and experienced to manage and oversee projects and partnerships in a variety of transforming industries, including technology, financial services, CPG, entertainment, and more.

Customer Centric

We create efficient processes, workflows and operational business models that are focused on delivering a positive experience to customers; in order to drive repeat business, increase customer loyalty and revenue.

Innovative Approach

We thrive to create a culture of innovative thought leaders, and we continue to educate our teams on becoming visionary's in the marketplace. As the industries of marketing continue to evolve, we've got our strategies in place to prepare for growth.

Strategic Performance

Every project or partnership that we engage in is completely backed by valuable insights that help us define, create, and execute on business goals. All performance is measured from strategy and operational leadership.

Strategic business solutions with core elements of management and marketing operations.


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